Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remote Peruvian Tribes Enthusiastic About Gospel

Atalaya, Peru — In February, Peruvian partner Antonia Yalta spent time with Segadores preaching the Gospel to the local tribes.

They preached the Word of God to the local children, starting with creation. "Their old beliefs are strong and they require ongoing discipleship," Antonia told Bright Hope. "I keep thinking and praying that God will rise up missionaries to go where they are. The process of discipleship is slow and sometimes frustrating, not all respond the same."

In April and May, Antonia traveled upriver to continue evangelizing to the local tribes.

She and a team helped institute a water well in the local pastor's home; they no longer need to carry water in buckets. Every Sunday, over 70 children came to hear the Gospel - a very encouraging sight for Antonia. "The children told me they will no longer believe the stories from their culture," she told us. She also enforced that while the children are enthusiastic, so are the adults. They are happy to hear the Good News of God. Even the heavy rain does not stop them from coming to church.