Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sabina: Single-Mother, Businesswoman, Leader

Nairobi, Kenya – In the heart of the Mathare Valley slum, 40-year-old Sabina takes great pride in narrating her painstaking journey of resilience in the face of poverty as a struggling businesswoman. It has been a daunting task as a single mother to provide for her 5-year-old son; a responsibility she does not take lightly.

As an artisan who meticulously makes beautiful beaded jewelry, she is always searching for ways to reach new heights and expand her business. Her main drive for success is her son; she wants him to have the best opportunities life has to offer. Unfortunately, the burden to provide for him rests on her shoulders alone. But, despite periods of poor sales, she powers on to put food on the table and a roof over her son’s head.

The savings group has helped Sabina grow her business!

Last year, Sabina joined the Power Women’s Savings Group with the hope of realizing these goals. The group, which is comprised of 15 women, is among the 60 microfinance savings groups under Bright Hope's Savings for Life program that seeks to aid parents in Mathare Valley to meet their financial needs.

Since joining, Sabina has been able to save and take out loans to expand her business. “This is my first time to join a savings group. The fact that the group is affiliated to a church, made me even more interested. I have been able to buy more stock [beads] after taking out a loan which has greatly helped me increase my profits,” shares Sabina.

Not long after joining, Sabina couldn’t help but notice how united the group members were. Respect and generosity were some of the evident traits that she grew to love about the group. The group, despite their personal challenges, decided to give a portion of their savings to help some of the needs of neighbors in their community.

One such neighbor is 24-year-old Edwin. Confined to a wheelchair that was in dire need of repair, Sabina and her fellow members have taken it upon themselves to fund its repair. Thanks to their help, Edwin is now able to move around with ease.

Sabina and her group members have also banded together to buy clothing for 20 children in one of the slum schools in Mathare. It is heart-warming to see such generosity even in the face of the personal struggles Sabina and other members in the group are undergoing.

Together, they used portion of their savings to give back

Today, many women within the Mathare community want to join the Power Women’s group because of the spiritual, financial and emotional support they have witnessed among its members. At Bright Hope, we hope to see many more women transform their community, not only through their own small businesses, but also by showing the love of Christ to others.

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