Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sahayak is Self-Sustaining After Five-Year Partnership

New Delhi, India – After five years Sahayak, the community development program run by Bright Hope partner New Delhi Bible Fellowship Church, is now self-sustaining.

In 2009, the New Delhi Bible Fellowship Church (NDB) expressed a desire to provide aid to those living in the Zakhira slum. As a result, the church established a community development project called Sahayak, meaning “helper.” By using skilled professionals from their congregation, Sahayak was able to bring transformation to many lives in the Zakhira slum. Bright Hope partnered with them to provide funding and assistance to initiate programs that the Zakhira residents desperately needed.

The program provides education, income generation, and water filtration, to serve the residents and provide long lasting change for the slum. NDB has also encouraged Sahayak’s literacy program through weekly classes that provide a place for residents to experience a sense of community while learning a valuable skill.

The income generation project, a jewelry making production, is transforming lives by giving families an opportunity to provide for themselves. Bright Hope has supported the leadership of the program and skills training and materials are being provided from volunteers within the church.

Medical professionals volunteering from the church in Sahayak reported that the severity of disease in Zakhira has reduced drastically, due to treatment and prevention awareness training that has been done over the last few years. The risk of water-borne illness has also been significantly reduced due to the safe drinking water project. Bright Hope has encouraged clean water throughout the partnership by raising awareness of the benefits of clean water and providing water filters and training. Since being taken up by a woman within the church, 11 filters have been sold to local families. The church monitors the use of filters and facilitates access to clean drinking water in the community.

Bright Hope envisions a world where under-resourced, local, in-country churches transform their communities and bring Hope to the extreme poor. The fact that the New Delhi Bible Fellowship Church Sahayak project no longer needs any funding or assistance from outside the church and community means the vision is becoming a reality.