Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Santiago Gang Members Finding Hope in Feeding Program

Peñalolen, Chile – Fuente de Vida, a partner program of Bright Hope, is located in a community notorious for high rates of child abandonment, teen pregnancy, drugs, crime and homelessness. Every Thursday night, a team from the local church comes together to cook hot, nutritious meals for homeless adults in their community. Esteban, who leads the feeding program for Fuente de Vida, has invested his time and energy in getting to know the homeless in his community and will often visit nearby slums to drop off food and supplies.

Recently, Esteban came to know a group of 15 gang members who live under a local bridge. Though they were known for stealing and being violent towards other homeless people in the community, he invited them to attend the Thursday night meals. Since the gang members began attending the program, Esteban and the team have encouraged and prayed for them – and they are seeing once hopeless lives transformed. The gang is currently attending every Thursday night, and some members have even asked how they can pray for others and bless the food.