Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Satya Free, Captors Imprisoned

Northern India — In November 2011, 23 year old Satya was walking home from her college class in fashion design. She was quickly approached by a man who said that her father was gravely injured in an accident and that she needed to come with him to the hospital immediately. Bengali Dada was a witch doctor and had once treated Satya's relative.

Because Satya had seen Bengali before, she had placed her trust in him. She jumped in his car, believing they were on their way to the local hospital. She knew she was in danger when the car turned the opposite way and she saw another man sitting in the car. 

Satya was frightened into her role as a slave many times from Bengali's threats of making pornographic movies about her and sharing it with the world. Fearing her defamation in society and being rejected by her parents, Satya complied and kept silent throughout her torturous captivity.

For two years, Bengali sexually abused Satya. She was kept in captivity but moved to different locations to avoid suspicion. In December 2012, Satya gave birth to a baby boy in a government hospital. Bengali and his son planned to sell her to another trafficker in a nearby district for approximately $2,500.

On July 5, 2013, Satya had the rare opportunity to use a cell phone and called her brother to tell him of her whereabouts. Bright Hope's local team set up plans and contacted the local police to rescue Satya. Bengali's compound was raided shortly after, and both Bengali and his wife were arrested (both pictured above). Their son managed to flee during the raid, but the police are still in search of his location.

Satya was immediately directed to receive medical examinations and treatment. She will now begin counseling and support through Bright Hope's local, in-country church partners dedicated to ending human trafficking in India.

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