Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Woman Ready to Die, Finds Hope Through Home-Based Care Program

Samfya, Zambia — "Mr. Kafute, I am not going to survive. I don't want to waste your time. Let me just die," pleaded Mavies Chomba, who was suffering from AIDS. She had lost Hope.

Feeling very sick, unable to walk or even stand to her feet, she wanted to die. But Mr. Kafute, Samfya Community of Care Provider's Home Based Care coordinator, held onto faith.

He returned the next day with Bright Hope Intern Heather Cogswell. They sat and talked with Mavies, encouraging her with positive testimonies of others in her situation. Mavies finally agreed to seek help. Heather drove her to Samfya's health center and started treatment for AIDS in April of 2010.

Now, not only is Mavies able to stand on her own, but she is also able to walk. She has made a quick recovery within the span of just three months! Now Mavies is able to work normally and has even started trading in fish.

During a follow-up home visit, Mavies said, "Mr. Kafute, I am very surprised. What magic has been played in my body that has made me recover so quickly? Thank you very much. May God bless you and your noble work. I want to thank the management and board who have brought [home based care] service closer to us. I think by now I could be dead. I wish my God to bless Heather for giving her time to transport me to the hospital. I thank her so much."