Friday, June 07, 2013

Strong Wind Storm Levels Monarque

Monarque, Haiti — Haiti officially announced the beginning of hurricane season on Saturday, June 1. Days later on Wednesday, June 7, a strong wind storm tore through the rural village of Monarque, Haiti.


Monarque is a church within Bright Hope’s network and a one-hour drive southeast of Pignon. The 150-member church was completely leveled, along with the pastor’s home. It is estimated that homes within a seven to 10 mile radius were also destroyed.


“The wind was swirling in circles and raining very hard,” said Bright Hope’s Partner in Haiti, Pastor Jephthe Lucien. “Walls began falling down. Roofs were picked up and launched into the sky like nothing. Clothes and shoes were tossed and destroyed in seconds.”

Pastor Lucien planted this church five years ago to spread the Gospel of Christ to the unreached and impoverished. The local villagers of Monarque mainly plant corn and beans to earn income to provide for their families. They have unfortunately fled the area and relocated to the homes of nearby family and friends for shelter, and the land has been devastated.


“I am amazed and blessed that the Lord protected this village and that no one was hurt,” said Pastor Lucien.

Bright Hope is tending to the immediate needs of this community through funds for rebuilding the church and pastor’s home as well as purchasing food. To support and restore the community of Monarque, please give by CLICKING HERE »