Monday, April 02, 2012

Students Working Hard for a Better Future

Northern India — Even though they live at the poverty line, young students and their families in the Hope for Artisans school sponsorship program are full of Hope for Today, Tomorrow, and Eternity.

Children ranging from three to 17-years-old have achieved some of the highest marks in their class.They work hard, dedicating themselves to hours of homework after school each day, and they are grateful for the opportunity to attend school.

Each of these children work for high marks, but there is something even more important they are working towards. Many children in this region of India find themselves needing to work for pennies a day at age nine or ten. Many find themselves without Hope or purpose. With the new awareness of child trafficking and the gut-wrenching statistics of the millions of children stolen out of the region each year and sold into the West, the opportunity for an education is not taken for granted. These children have a purpose, they have a place to be, and they have Hope for a bright future.