Monday, April 02, 2012

Tragic Accident Claims Pastor Trying to Save Others

Northern India — We’d like to honor a pastor in India, whose life was quickly taken from him in a tragic accident.

Pastor Raju passed away tragically on his way to minister to 350 non-Christians last month. While walking to the meeting with a group of other pastors, a gas cylinder burst on the side of the road. Pastor Raju lunged to protect the other pastors, and became a victim of the gas explosion, dying on the spot.

He is survived by his wife and two sons, one of which is handicapped. Bright Hope has supported his family for the past three years. He worked in an office of Bright Hope’s project partner in India for the past two years. Pastor Raju conducted prayer on the premises everyday along with other artisans involved in the Emmanuel Handicrafts program. He was actively engaged with the HIV/AIDS patients whose children are supported by Bright Hope. He also engaged in distributing school uniforms, rice and medicine.

Pastor Raju would travel as far as 125 miles on his bike to preach the gospel to the people in different villages around the Narasapur, Godavari district. Hundreds of families have come to the saving grace of God through the ministry of Pastor Raju.