Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update from CEO Serving in India

Uttar Pradesh, India — An update from Bright Hope's CEO/President C.H. Dyer and the team currently serving in India:

Sunday we spent the day at a village church that was started five years ago. Not large by Western standards, the church has 50 people and the pastor’s house can hold no more. Here are a few thoughts about village churches:

1. Every church member is a new convert to Christ. Get that! Real church growth.

2. No matter that I didn’t understand a word they were singing, the glow on peoples’ faces as they worshiped radiated with love for God.

3. Testimonies are fuel for your faith. Ten people stood and gave short one-minute testimonies. How exciting to hear of healings from illnesses, demons being cast out, and greater experiences of peace, love and acceptance because of Christ’s work in their lives.

4. House churches spread like wild vines. Already ten other house churches have been planted throughout the district because of this one pastor.

5. The pastor needs $100 a month to make ends meet; his weekly offering is about $15. To build a church, simple and basic, would cost about $10,000.