Monday, April 30, 2012

Upgraded Water Pumps Impact Over 1,000

Chipako, Zambia — Last month, a new water project was initiated to address some of the water needs in this village and the surrounding areas. One project included upgrading water pumps in three high-use areas. 

These upgrades provided more durable equipment, allowing the pumps to handle the higher demands placed on them by the communities. Another project included maintenance to existing hand pumps. They were able to fix six of the broken pumps and restore the flow of clean water to the communities that have come to enjoy the benefits of clean water. 

The final project drilled a new well and installed a pump in the village of Sepe, which is located just outside Samfya. This village has had trouble with contaminated water for many years. Two years ago there was an outbreak of Cholera in the community. This pump will equip the village with a source for clean water free of Cholera and other bacteria that causes illness. 

These projects improved the lives of 1,150 people through the provision of clean water.