Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Vocational Scholarship Allows Victor to Pursue His Dreams

Nairobi, Kenya — Peter Otieno is a 23-year-old micro-savings group member who owns and manages a small business in a slum community selling cosmetics, shoes, nail art, and pedicure services.

Despite this success, Peter yearns for a college degree and to start a business that will utilize all of his artistic talents. Thanks to generous Allies at Bright Hope, last year Peter received a vocational scholarship, bringing him one step closer to achieving his dreams.

Peter is now a student of interior design at Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts. The church-run institution was created to provide opportunities for young people who did not have the grades to earn entrance into a four-year university. The program strives to train students in practical skills so they can start a career and become self-sustainable.

Currently in his second year of studies, Peter hopes to graduate in November 2017. He says there is high market demand for individuals with creative skills, and is confident he will get a job and hopefully earn enough to run his own business one day.

Peter shared, “I’m grateful because I’ve been able to follow my passion for the arts, and the vocational scholarship support came at such a critical time.”

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