Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chipako Water Project Provides Drinking Water to Half the Village

Chipako, Zambia — In April, a team from Samfya Community of Care Providers traveled down to Chipako to conduct a water resource management workshop. At the workshop, a volunteer from America and representatives from Samfya Water and Sanitation presented a variety of water pumps and well-drilling options and costs for the community to consider.

The workshop participants were told the available funding they had for the project was approximately $6,600. They were then split into groups to discuss their community's water needs and the interventions they would like to implement. In the end, the workshop selected:

  • - 4 new wells drilled and outfitted with the Water4 pumps.
  • - 5 well caps fitted over existing hand dug wells and fitted with the Water4 pump.
  • - 1 well cap for a hand dug well at Chipako's basic school fitted with a more durable India Mark II hand pump.

We have been told that the Chipako Water Project has provided safe drinking water to approximately 985 individuals, which is close to half of the village's population.