Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Well Drilling Ahead of Schedule in Beracah

Beracah, Zambia—Every year, at least 7,830 Zambians—most of them children—die because they do not have clean water. Thankfully, this is something that is easily preventable with the installation of water wells and filters. Since January, Bright Hope’s partner in Zambia has been working with a drilling team in Beracah to drill 10 wells, contributing to the health of their community.

The drilling team is comprised of local volunteers, many of whom were previously sponsored by Bright Hope to go to Samfya Bible School. While the team takes on the responsibility of drilling for the wells, they also see their volunteer work as an opportunity for evangelism and economic growth. So far, drilling is ahead of schedule and the team believes it will be easy to finish all ten wells before the end of the year—considerably quicker than first imagined.

One of the areas that recently received wells is the hard-hit Musambashi region. Heavy rainfall destroyed many of the homes, forcing many of the affected community members to relocate to higher ground. In order to help them reestablish their homes, the drilling team placed wells in their new locations.

Although many might see a simple well and think it is a small piece of the puzzle, the people of Beracah see Hope through these wells. Hope that they and their children will not have to fear getting sick or dying when then drink. Hope that their improved health will allow them to focus on tomorrow rather than today. Hope that God has a bigger plan for their lives.