Thursday, February 14, 2013

Widow Treated for HIV, Small Business Grows

Samfya, Zambia — In June, our staff from Samfya Community of Care Providers met a widow named Ida, who was bedridden for over a year due to illness. They took her to the hospital and she was tested for HIV/AIDS. The staff stayed in touch with Ida for a week as she went through counseling to prepare her for the test. The results came in: she was positive for HIV.

When they found Ida, she weighed 85 pounds. Without hesitating, she was placed on food supplement support. Within three months of being on the food supplements and medication, her health began to improve. This motivated Ida, and in the fourth month, she weighed 101 pounds. She felt stronger and was back on her feet doing domestic work with full energy.

One month later, Ida started a business of selling tomatoes, vegetables, dry fish and other small items that sent her on the path of sustainability. Knowing that her time on the food support was coming to an end, she wanted to continue supporting herself and the three orphans she took in after their parents died.

Seven months into her journey she said, “I am so very happy that I am alive today. I want to thank SCCP for coming to my aid when I was not expecting it. The only thing I was thinking at that time was death just like my family had all died. SCCP helped me know I can still bounce back and do great things and live a healthy life as I keep taking medication and have a good diet. I kept on praying to God to continue helping me even in the times that I felt so weak and discouraged. The care provider from my church encouraged me greatly during their home visits and I was motivated. They really helped me recover. I am so thankful to them. May the good Lord continue blessing SCCP and its staff as they continue to serve lives in the communities.”