Haiti is currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Frequent natural disasters, in particular the earthquake in 2010, as well as political instability, civil unrest and crime continue to hinder development and stability in Haiti. Many communities in Haiti experience extreme poverty, lacking access to clean water, education, food security, and economic opportunities.

5.9 million

people in Haiti are living below the poverty line.

4.9 years

are the average number of years of schooling Haiti.


of the rural population does not have access to clean water.

The power of the local church.

Bright Hope partners with the local, in-country church to bring Hope to the people in Haiti in extreme poverty. By using programs focused on clean water, school feeding, agricultural practices, education, micro enterprise, church resourcing, and leadership development, Bright Hope is helping communities in Haiti move towards self-sustainability.

In Haiti, the local, in-country church is providing:

Your generous gift of any amount will assist the local, in-country church as they bring Hope to the extreme poor in Haiti.

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Stories of Hope and Transformation

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Local Church Brings Hope to Victims of Hurricane

Local Church Brings Hope to Victims of Hurricane

Monday, December 12, 2016

Haiti – When Hurricane Matthew swept across the southwestern tip of Haiti in October, the Category 5 storm devastated the Caribbean nation, taking the lives of more than 1,000 Haitians and causing the worst destruction the country has seen since the earthquake in 2010. 

Ally Spotlight: The Helms Family

Ally Spotlight: The Helms Family

Friday, December 09, 2016

Hoffman Estates, Ill. – Every summer, brother and sister team, Noah and Ruthie, set up their annual neighborhood lemonade stand. But this isn’t your typical lemonade. Their lemonade is made with clean water.  

Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti and Cuba

Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti and Cuba

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Haiti Update, Tuesday, November 15, 2016 – Bright Hope's CEO, C.H. Dyer, is in Haiti this week visiting our partners and seeing the recent damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. Major cities are on the process to recovery, but the rural areas have received little to no help. Many roads are impassable, damage to crops and livestock have limited food availability and there is a high risk for the spread of cholera.  

Hope in Haiti in 2016

22 Churches

7 Pastor Supported

12 Received Job Training

5 Jobs Created

79 Microloans Given

4,540 Drinking Clean Water

171,180 meals served

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