29.8 million people are victims of human trafficking for labor and sexual exploitation globally

80% of all human trafficking victims are women and girls

India is the main destination for children under 16 who are trafficked to South Asia

Bright Hope believes that equipping the local, in-country church is the critical element needed to combat human trafficking in India. Our church partners identify victims of exploitation, facilitate rescues and provide physical and spiritual restoration, education and job training. This network of over 150 churches in India desires to engage in a strategic effort to see victims rescued and survivors empowered with promising futures.

"The victims of modern slavery have many faces. They are men and women, adults and children. Yet, all are denied basic human dignity and freedom. Victims can be abused in their own countries, or find themselves far from home and vulnerable. Whether they are trapped in forced sexual or labor exploitation, human trafficking victims cannot walk away, but are held in service through force, threats, and fear. All too often suffering from horrible physical and sexual abuse, it is hard for them to imagine that there might be a place of refuge."

Official United States of America Presidential Proclamation
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Here's how you can help Bright Hope’s partners in India:

  • $3,000 provides full rescue and rehabilitation for one girl. Or $250/month for one year.

  • $1,500 rescues one girl from slavery. Or $125/month for one year.

Your generous gift of any amount will help restore basic human dignity to the lives of trafficked victims and provide Hope and a future to survivors. Give below.

To learn more about Bright Hope's Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative in India click here.

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Support OurAnti-Human Trafficking Project
Support OurAnti-Human Trafficking Project

What Bright Hope is Doing

Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

In India, there are 13.9 million people trapped in human trafficking. Whether in forced labor or prostitution, these precious souls have a terribly bleak existence.
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Stories of Transformation: Satya, India

Monday, September 01, 2014

Abducted at the age of 22 and held captive by a man for almost two years, Satya faced daily physical and sexual abuse. Her abductor already had five wives and 22 children who were also trafficked. Satya soon became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Once a vibrant and intelligent college student, she now seemed to be doomed to a life of slavery. 
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TIU Students to Bike from Illinois to California to Fight Human Trafficking

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Deerfield, Illinois – Four men from Trinity International University’s football team have created “Bike4Solution” and are partnering with Bright Hope to fight human trafficking in Northern India by biking across the country starting June 14, 2014.  
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Trafficked Survivor Accepts Christ, Gains Confidence and Hope for a Future

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Northern India – In August 2013, Bright Hope shared the story of Marah, a girl abducted from her family and sold into trafficking at the age of five. She was rescued ten years later in May 2013 when she bravely escaped from her captors.  
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