Hope for Eternity

Sylvia, Uganda

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Support a Single Participant: $50   Support a Whole Community: $1,000

As a mother, the choice between staying at home to look after her children and leaving for months at a time to find employment was one of the hardest decisions she has ever had to make.

For years Sylvia had battled with unemployment. She had no other choice than to spend months away from home, just to find enough work to provide for her children. But still, this was not enough. Torn between the need to find an income and being present for her children, she began to lose hope and faith that things would get better. But, that is when the pastor from her church heard about her situation and felt compelled to invite Sylvia to attend an ABCD (asset-based community development) workshop.

Bright Hope’s ABCD workshops are run through the local church and designed to help individuals discover the skills, gifts and talents they already have. As they realize their potential, participants become equipped and united to impact their church and community to break the chains of poverty.

For Sylvia, this training provided her with the support and guidance she needed to nurture her children whilst preparing to start her own artisan business closer to home.

“Before, I would leave my children at home to go to work, but now I stay and listen to their needs and have built a positive relationship with them…" she said. "I have learnt how to care for my four children and understand their needs both spiritually and physically.”

Now Sylvia hopes to spread the message of the Gospel to empower parents in her community so that they can rebuild their broken homes and reconcile fragile relationships with their children. Through this ministry, participants like Sylvia can encounter Christ and are encouraged to become agents of change in the communities.

Support a Single Participant: $50   Support a Whole Community: $1,000