Hope for Tomorrow

Elika, Kenya

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Elika is much like many 23-year-old women around the world. As a college graduate, she dreams of attaining a master’s degree, getting a job and moving into her own place so she can be independent.

As a little girl growing up in the Mathare Valley Slum outside of Nairobi, Elika’s stomach often grumbled with hunger as she wondered where her next meal would come from.

When she began attending the primary and secondary school operated by the local church, she received daily meals through their feeding program. The church also sponsored her school fees so she could continue her studies. Of her six siblings, she was the only one who received financial support all the way from primary school through higher education. Many of them had children at early ages and were forced to drop out of school.

“The opportunity I received from the church is so visible,” Elika said. “I can see the differences and I want to make my family proud.”

Elika continued to work hard in school, eventually being selected by a teacher to receive a vocational scholarship, funded by her church, which paid all tuition through university and matched her with a church mentor. She now volunteers for the Student Leaders Ambassadors Program at her university and as part of that role visits churches, prisons and government institutions to speak about the power of education to change lives. She plans to earn a post-graduate degree in international development so she can help other families like her own.

“I was very touched by this scholarship program…” said Elika. “Now I want to give back to my community, I want to give the children of this slum hope that they can one day leave this place.”

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Donate a Scholarship: $100