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Rescapé, Haiti

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Repair a Water Pump: $100

Years ago the community of Rescapé was overlooked by the government. The streets were covered in litter and an overwhelming stench permeated the area.

This community, home to some 3,000 people, was known for being dangerous.

The area was named “Rescapé,” meaning “survivor” in French, because most of the residents are Haitians that returned from the Dominican Republic and are considered to be “survivors.”

When a pastor came to the community and wanted the church to take over this space, community members were overjoyed. The community came together and cleaned up all the trash. They wanted to create a space that the community could actually use.

With the support of Bright Hope, the locals recently finished construction of a community area which included a large concrete sports court and a new water pump.

“The water pump is great for the community” said Lina, the city commissioner and a lifetime resident of Rescapé. “People are already using it all the time to have clean water and to do their laundry.”

Alain, a church member and volunteer security guard for the community center, was born in Rescapé and his father is a leader in the church.

“The community thought something like this was impossible,” he said. “But once they started doing it together they became so motivated.”

Previously the community had several water pumps available, but over time they broke and remained in disrepair.

“Before, the community didn’t take ownership of them because it was this idea of ‘every man for himself,’” Alain said.

“But with this pump, their ideas have changed. Because they helped clear the trash and built this community area together, they feel ownership over this water pump and want to take care of it. They feel responsible.”

Donate $100 today to help bring clean water sources to areas in Haiti, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

Repair a Water Pump: $100