Well done! You have a good understanding of global poverty and are starting to learn God’s plan for giving. In this stage, it is important that you increase your understanding about the best ways to help the poor transition out of poverty – which includes gaining a deeper understanding of what truly changes lives verses what merely puts a Band-Aid on the problem.

Here are some steps you can take to discover more about global poverty and the best ways you can make an impact:

Step One: Watch This Video

Extreme Poverty: It’s Not What You Think

Learn more about how helping the poor involves much more than simply sending provisions – there is also an opportunity for you to empower and bless others, and to be mutually transformed in the process.

Step Two: Read Our Blog

Why are “Poor” Countries Poor?

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You understand the problem of global poverty. Now take your understanding to the next level by reading Why Are Poor Countries Poor where we answer questions about poverty, share firsthand experiences from the countries where we work, and explain our unique approach to community development.

Step Three: Give a Gift

At Bright Hope, we partner with local, in-country churches to create lasting change. We seek to break cycles of poverty by addressing the physical and spiritual needs of some of the poorest people on the planet.

Your gift will start you on a journey of knowing you are helping, and that you are blessing the poorest of the poor in the best ways possible. When you give through Bright Hope, you are providing help and hope not just for a moment, but for all of eternity.