Spring 2019

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A Fresh Perspective: A Love for Life

April 5, 2019

When Pastor Richard first approached John and Alice about a marriage workshop at their

church, they were skeptical.

Married at eighteen and nineteen, they had lived together for 26 years and had nine children. They had grown apart as each of them viewed their money and work as just their own– the only thing they felt in common anymore was a shared home and their children.

Cooking with Love

April 5, 2019

As children arrive at the Children’s Care Center, the smell of hearty vegetable soup fills the air.

Twice a week 50–60 youth come together at one of our partner churches in Oruro, Bolivia, to get homework help, spiritual input and a nutritious meal cooked by Madriana and two other women.

Ally Spotlight Q&A with Mark and Trisha Heekin

April 5, 2019

Meet Mark and Trisha Heekin, long-time Bright Hope Allies and owners of Daniel’s Textile Rental in the greater Cincinatti area. Already generously donating a portion of their overall profit to Bright Hope, last year Mark, Trisha and their daughter Hannah came up with a new way to support the organization by putting Bright Hope ads on their company trucks.

Time, Treasure, Talent and Tootsie Rolls

April 5, 2019

I was on my first ever trip to Haiti, visiting a Bright Hope feeding project. We were playing an ice-breaker game where the children would get a small Tootsie Roll for correctly answering questions. When a child won the first piece of candy, he broke it up into six tiny pieces and shared it with the children around him.

Building a Bright Future

April 5, 2019

Abigale, a mother of five, dreams fo the futures as she gets her daughter, Mary, ready for school. Living in Katiti Village in rural Zambia, she knows all too well that getting a good education for her children can be a challenge.