Leaving a Heritage of Generosity and Compassion

The Pitman’s Story

Last fall, we introduced the Bright Hope Coin. When we conceptualized this program, we envisioned mature adults purchasing these coins for their children and grandchildren and presenting them as gifts that initiate a heritage of generosity and compassion to the poor. It’s been our prayer that as children receive these coins, and with them the opportunity to learn about the poor and to help them in practical ways, that we will grow generations who are caring, passionate, and proactive in the fight against extreme poverty.

Henry and Ruth Pitman are grandparents who recently launched a legacy of compassion and generosity with their grandchildren using a Bright Hope Coin. Below, Henry shares their story.

Ruth and I have three grandkid families. All the kids are under 12.  A week ago, I contacted each and asked if the older kids in each family would help me help others by putting together a family list from the Bright Hope catalog totaling $50 for each family – $150 total.

Each family spent several days thinking and talking about this and submitted their lists to me, which I have compiled and sent off to you [Bright Hope]. You will note that the “order” is all over the place. This reflects the input from seven kids and their varied concerns and interests. They took this decision making very seriously – more than I anticipated.

I found this such a tremendous blessing to have my grandkids provide me with their varied rationales for their choices. I plan on repeating this fairly regularly with them in a variety of ways in the future. Perhaps there are other grandparents who would find this a blessing too. Thanks for serving the Lord with the poorest of the poor.

You can launch a legacy of generosity and compassion in your family. Learn more about the Bright Hope Coin at www.BrightHope.org/coin.


Here’s what other Bright Hope Allies are saying about Bright Hope’s coin:

We received the Bright Hope Coin, and it led to us sitting down with our kids for an hour talking about kids in need and what their lives are like. They all grabbed their money jars and wanted to contribute more than the value of the coin.
-Ryan F.

We used the Bright Hope Coin this weekend…a great idea, and our girls really enjoyed it!  They were also happy to have something tangible to keep.  They decided to use the certificate to help a new mother and even wanted to chip in some of their own money to buy a couple of chickens.
-Todd and Steph B.

As I was thinking about what to buy my friends and family for Christmas this year…the coins seemed like the perfect gift. I could give them the privilege of truly changing some of the neediest people in the world’s lives.
-Meggie M.

Overall we feel the whole experience was a positive one and will bring future fruit in our niece’s life and my sister’s! She [our niece] had never been exposed to the idea of extreme poverty, so we are excited to see where this will lead.
-Terrie and Gene B.

Bright Hope Staff
Bright Hope Staff