Still Need a Gift to Share this Christmas?

If you don’t know what to give for Christmas this year, Bright Hope has a gift you can give to the person who has everything. This is the perfect gift for those who have all they need because it is a gift they can give to someone else. It is the Bright Hope Coin.

I bought many Bright Hope Coins to give to my loved ones this year for Christmas. The Bright Hope Coin is a coin that represents a gift of a certain amount of money, $25-$100, that the recipient can use to pick out an item for someone living in extreme poverty in a developing country. The recipient can choose from a variety of items such as a savings loan, a goat, a Bible, or pastoral training. St. Francis of Assis said, “For it is in the giving that we receive.” Giving is the true gift.

So I want to share some of the reasons, I chose to give the Bright Hope Coin to my loved ones this year.

First, there is more joy in giving than receiving. Booker T. Washington said, “Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.” Second, the difference this coin can make in the life of someone in extreme poverty is truly life-changing. The recipient can be part of transforming someone’s life from a life of hopelessness to one of hope. Third, Bright Hope’s vision: Bright Hope envisions a world where under-resourced churches transform their communities by bringing hope for today, tomorrow and eternity to the extreme poor, while becoming self-sustaining. Bright Hope is unique from many non-profits because they care about the spiritual and eternal well-being of people, yet also want to create self-sustaining economic change for the communities in which they work. Bright Hope equips local churches to make the community changes, so the community can eventually be successful independent of Bright Hope.

If you already have your Christmas gifts for this year, you can still purchase these coins for future gifts such as birthdays or special occasions. When you are trying to figure out what to give those who have all they need, remember the Bright Hope Coin is a way share the gift of giving.

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