Mukombozi has a desire to see people be held accountable for their actions. He’s 10 years old, and in Primary 4, and says he wants to be a police officer and bring to justice the people who have repeatedly stolen his father’s pigs.

Whether children walk paved sidewalks or dirt trails to get to school, one thing they all have in common is their big dreams for the future. And so often, education is the key to those dreams becoming a reality.

We asked Julius, our photojournalist in Uganda, to ask some children about their big plans. Here’s what they said… (Use arrow on right side of photo below to see each child’s answers.)


We are inspired by these children, aren’t you? Their passion to help those who are suffering, to educate others, or to bring safety and justice to their communities touches us. Our dream for them is that they will persevere, pursue education and further training, and never let their dreams die!

As you pack lunches and walk your kids to the bus stop, would take a minute each day to pray for other schoolchildren around the world who have so much to overcome just to get an education? Your prayers could make all the difference.




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