Bright Hope Coin $25


The new 2021 coin is now available! 

When you purchase and redeem a Bright Hope Coin, you become part of an important mission that creates sustainable solutions for the extreme poor.

The Bright Hope Coin is like a gift card. Redeem the coin on over 30 different programs featured in Bright Hope’s online catalog.

You can use your Bright Hope Coin to support the projects that mean the most to you.

Hope for Today programs supply urgent needs like food and water.

Hope for Tomorrow programs support education, job training, and microenterprise opportunities.

Hope for Eternity programs share God’s love in tangible ways that point people towards salvation in Christ.

The Bright Hope Coin comes packaged as a gift card, so you can use the coin yourself or give it to someone as a gift. Once the coin is redeemed, keep the coin as a reminder to pray for the poor.

Read about how Henry and Ruth Pitman used a Bright Hope Coin to teach their grandchildren the values of compassion and generosity.


Hear what others are saying about the Bright Hope Coin: 

“What an extraordinary opportunity to teach our children about the various ways to contribute and support others. The coin program was a great catalyst to them understanding the various ways they can be generous with their time and treasure and connecting them to the Bright Hope mission.” -Ryan F.

“The coins seem like the perfect gift to give to my loved ones. I could give them the privilege of truly changing some of the neediest people in the world’s lives.  If they buy a chicken, it can give someone a livelihood.  If they buy a Bible, it can change someone’s eternal dwelling place. I am also excited to give my kids the opportunity to use the coins for the betterment of others.” -Meggie M.

“Our niece enjoyed a very positive experience. My sister was able to explain extreme poverty, comparing how the poor struggle while we have such an abundance. My niece was moved by that, and impressed with the gift coin, and was happy to keep it as a reminder of her experience. Overall we feel the whole experience was a positive one and will bring future fruit in our niece’s life! We will use the coin program in our future giving.” -Terrie and Gene B.

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