Change a father, change a community!

We all have dreams—strong desires that propel us forward, giving us momentum to achieve the impossible.

But when these dreams degrade into overwhelming disappointment, despair can set in... A despair that feels like a heavy, unshakeable darkness.

That’s how Andrew felt when his dream to be a good father and provide for his family died.

Andrew shared: “I had a job where I was earning enough to take care of all my family’s needs. But when COVID hit, I lost my job and all my income. I physically fought with my wife every day.

As the situation got worse, I wanted to commit suicide.”

Andrew’s struggle is common in impoverished communities.

But with your support, we can help dispel the darkness!

Andrew’s neighbors grew concerned about him and asked a local pastor to intervene.

Thankfully, Andrew opened up to Pastor Rasmo and shared his desire to end his life.

Andrew recalled: “Pastor Rasmo counseled me and introduced me to the Fathers’ Club. At first, I thought it was just a social group to go out and have fun. But when I Iearned what a Fathers’ Club does, I joined right away.

Andrew’s time in the Fathers’ Club breathed new life into his dream! Now, he has the resources and support to be a good dad and provide for his family.

In closing, Andrew rejoiced:

“After I joined the Fathers’ Club, my life greatly changed. My six children, who were not in school anymore, returned to school because of the support from the Fathers’ Club. I am grateful to the Fathers’ Club and Bright Hope for what they have done. We will never be the same. They have changed our lives. And not just me, but so many others!”

Fathers’ Clubs make a massive impact on struggling communities in Uganda. They teach men how to love, nurture, and sacrifice for their wives and kids. And if you can capture the hearts of fathers, you can transform families and communities! They also provide low-interest loans to members who want to start a small business.

Fatherhood is an eternal calling and a chance for men to model God's love and servant leadership in their homes. Unfortunately, few men have had godly role models, and as a result, few have stepped up to fulfill this crucial role. Through the Fathers' Clubs, Bright Hope's partner churches have committed to teach and encourage fathers to embrace their God-given roles and responsibilities so that they become role models to their children and other fathers in their communities.

Partner with Bright Hope and transform life for a father, a family, or an entire community! Would you prayerfully consider how you can support a Fathers’ Club in Uganda? Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 would kickstart at least one new Fathers’ Club or support an existing group.

As always, if this program receives full funding, additional resources will support similar strategic projects.

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