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Five Ways to Bring Hope for Tomorrow


The amazing story of how 60 hens saved Bibian’s life!

On New Year’s Day in 2010, Bibian Mushota, who lives in rural Zambia, was blindsided by the dreadful news that no wife wants to hear—her husband had died.

In the wake of his death, Bibian felt overwhelmed by a tsunami of grief and worry. She had no idea how she would feed her two kids and three grandchildren or pay for school tuition.

“I sunk to rock bottom! I was traumatized seeing my grandchildren sent away

from school for non-payment of school fees. On most days, we could only

afford one meal a day and even went to bed on empty stomachs.”

To make matters worse, three years ago, Bibian received a loan to grow corn, but her crop failed miserably due to bad soil.

“The crop failure depressed me more, and I almost got embittered with life.

Nonetheless, I purposed to repay my loan in full despite my bad yields.”

Put yourself in Bibian’s shoes. How would you feel? Where would you turn?

After years of stress and struggle, Bibian’s church selected her to receive 60 egg-laying hens on loan to start a sustainable business to support her family!

For the last three months, Bibian has nurtured her hens and gathers an average of 59 eggs each day! She returns 39 eggs to her church’s Christian Farmer’s Association each month until she has repaid her loan. The remaining 20 eggs each month provide healthy protein for her growing grandkids and an additional $1 in income each day (which is A LOT when you’re barely scraping by on less than $2 per day).

Bright Hope is committed to expanding our Hope for Tomorrow programs, which provide sustainable business opportunities for extremely poor families. Would you join us by helping vulnerable families like Bibian’s increase their livelihoods and break out of poverty?

As Christmas approaches and hundreds of ads and promotions fight for your hard-earned money, wouldn’t you love to give the gift of sustainable Hope to a family like Bibian’s? Your donation of $50, $100, or even $150 would provide agricultural or livestock loans to help impoverished families start sustainable businesses and find Hope for the future!

  • $50 could provide 10 chickens or rabbits, as well as training to care for them
  • $100 could purchase supplies to help a farmer plant corn, soybeans, or sunflowers, agricultural training, and basic Bible training
  • $150 could buy two goats, as well as feed and vaccines, care instructions, and eventually, nutritious milk and meat to consume or sell for profit

Now, instead of the torrents of worry that used to engulf Bibian’s heart, waves of joy and Hope fill her life!

“My whole life has turned around economically speaking. As a family, we are able to buy groceries and eat at least two meals a day. Thanks to CFA, Bright Hope, and all our allies!”

As you celebrate God’s gift of His Son this Christmas, you can express your gratitude by giving a life-changing gift to a family in need. Would you prayerfully consider how you can help others like Bibian break the bonds of extreme poverty?

In closing, Bibian wants you to know: “God has truly manifested Himself to me as my provider. I'm more drawn to Him than ever before, and by His grace, I will strive to stay committed to Him and His course. I'm still thinking about how I can reciprocate this amazing love to others around me.”