Give a chicken, change a life.

It really is that simple.

Give one chicken for $6.*

Give a small starter flock of 5 for $30, or a full flock of 10 for $60.

A Partner You Can Trust

One of Bright Hope’s highest values is integrity. We understand the value of every dollar we receive and the difference every dollar can make in the life of someone in extreme poverty. We value the trust you have given us to effectively and efficiently deliver help to those in need. 

What is Bright Hope?

Bright Hope is a Christian organization made up of allies (donors) who want to bless and help the poorest people in the world. We build relationships with Bible believing churches in remote villages and city slums that want to minister to their poor neighbors. Then we help those churches bring “Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity” to their neighborhood. We’ve been doing this for 50 years, in 5 counties and have thousands of allies, but we need your help.

*Chickens are changing life for families in Bugiri. However, if you all jump on board with us and we give as many chickens as are needed in Bugiri, then we will use your gift to give families other important farm animals like pigs and goats!