Give a chicken, change a life.

It really is that simple.


Ugandan father of 11 children

“We have named our chickens ‘dream launchers.’ They have helped us launch our dream of educating our children. We never lack seeds for our garden and we are able to…boost nutrition in our home.”

Why Chickens?

As a Bright Hope Ally, you probably already know that chickens can change lives! When an impoverished family receives a chicken, they don’t just get a cute pet. They receive an opportunity to start a business and provide healthy protein for their kids.

Giving a family a flock of chickens has the power to change their lives through: 


Eggs and chicken are a great source of protein


Selling eggs and offspring provides the family with an ongoing source of revenue


Extra income allows families to pay for things like their children’s schooling


This is SO exciting. Everybody who gets chickens gives some of the offspring to another family in the impact is exponential!

Let Rose Tell You

Rose and her husband, Simon, are farmers in Uganda who grow rice and yams for a living. However, they could never make enough to meet all their needs and pay for their children to go to school. 

But when they received 10 chickens, it was just the boost they needed to break free from the abject poverty they’d been living in. 

As the chickens multiplied, Rose and Simon first sold some to get the money they needed to repair Rose’s mother’s home which was always leaking and soaked the poor elderly woman when it rained. 

Since then the chickens have continued to multiply and they’ve been selling chickens and eggs to pay school fees for their children and to buy other things their family needs. They’ve even exchanged some chickens for a goat—which is also now multiplying. To date Rose has 3 goats, 25 chickens and lots of chicks! 

“We count ourselves lucky to have such a blessing; we never have to suffer when it is time to pay school fees, and we never have to sell all our food to meet home needs. Our chickens and eggs take care of that,” Rose said.

In Caroline’s words, “As their grandmother, I have to come in to help. That is why these chickens are very important. They are going to help me take care of my grandchildren.”

The only problem is that thousands of impoverished families in Uganda and Zambia have not received chickens yet. They’re desperately waiting for someone to give them the chance to break out of poverty, feed their kids, and begin a new future!

Can you give $30 or more to help vulnerable families in Uganda and Zambia?

Your donation will bless vulnerable families like Caroline’s, and equip Bright Hope to meet other urgent needs. 

Don’t wait! Give chickens today!

The Bright Hope Promise

Bright Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We have been engaging the local church around the world for more than 45 years in the global fight against extreme poverty in their communities. We are committed to helping the extreme poor with the most effective and efficient methods, and we promise to treat every penny donated as if God, Himself, gave it to us.