Global inflation threatens the poor!

Have you noticed how the costs of everyday items have skyrocketed lately? Gas, housing, and transportation prices are on the rise, and there’s no end in sight. And food prices are the highest they have been in over 10 years.

But for most of us, we can adapt to inflation. We can cut costs, dip into savings, ask family or friends for help, or even benefit from government programs.

However, for our poorest brothers and sisters in underdeveloped nations, this global trend feels like an unstoppable, monstrous tsunami wave that will bury more and more people under the weight of hunger and hopelessness!

We can’t let inflation drown the extreme poor. We need your help to throw them a lifeline!

Our in-country staff has expressed these fears:

“In Zambia, we’ve seen our fuel price go up quite a bit... to almost $6 a gallon. Our main concern is fertilizer. Zambia's main food source is corn, and small-scale farmers produce most of it. If fertilizer costs go through the roof, the government may not provide farm subsidies, which will lead to a food shortage.” ~ Mark in Zambia

In Uganda, Gas prices have increased the import costs of wheat and rice, and the transportation costs of Uganda-grown wheat and rice. “Cooking oil used to cost 4,000 shillings a liter, and now it's 10,000 a liter! Also, wheat and rice prices fluctuate but have risen a lot.” ~ Julius in Uganda

“In Haiti, we are struggling! This year, prices have gone more than 30%. The price of diesel has doubled. And our rural farmers who live in remote areas and need seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, can’t get them because the costs are so high.” ~ Haiti Project Liaison

“The living cost in Bolivia has increased at all levels!” ~ Munir in Bolivia

Please, help us throw a lifeline to our church partners and their communities today. Time is truly of the essence!

Your gift of $50, $100, or more will go towards our Disaster Relief Fund to meet emergency, inflation-related needs in Zambia, Uganda, Bolivia, Haiti, and Kenya. If these needs receive enough funding, additional gifts will go toward other strategic projects.

Please give now!

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The Bright Hope Promise

Bright Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We have been engaging the local church around the world for more than 45 years in the global fight against extreme poverty in their communities. We are committed to helping the extreme poor with the most effective and efficient methods, and we promise to treat every penny donated as if God, Himself, gave it to us.