Download and share these great resources on poverty and the challenges facing the extreme poor. And be sure to check back often for more resources as we add them.

Healthcare Connection Program

Healthcare Professional Volunteer Form 

COVID-19 & The Extreme Poor

(second edition)

Strict lockdowns trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are taking a devastating toll as widespread hunger and domestic violence increase. Learn more about these and other effects--and how we are responding. Download the booklet to learn more.

12 Point Criteria for Identifying Partner Churches

When we consider adding a new church partner we evaluate the church on a 12-point criteria. These are some of the best indicators that a church is ready to make a significant impact in their community for today, tomorrow and eternity.

Who's Rich, Who's Poor?

This is a visual depiction of living standards for the world's population, based on their daily income. The chart looks at modes of transportation, cooking facilities, water access and church structures.

A Biblical Perspective on Poverty

Learn what the Bible has to say about poverty and serving the poor. A great complement to your devotion time and our Extreme Poverty Prayer Guide.

Extreme Poverty Prayer Guide

Extreme poverty seems so big it can be hard to focus our prayers. This prayer guide will give you ideas of how to pray for the poor.

Turkana Drought Fact Sheet

The recent drought in Kenya has left hundreds of thousands of people in urgent need of food. With years of recovery on the horizon, what can we do?

Pregnant & Poor

What is it like to be pregnant while also living in extreme poverty? Read this infographic to learn about the challenges facing women in impoverished areas.

Want to Make an Impact?

We give you eight simple steps and practical ideas for how you can align your heart with the needs of the poor and make a daily difference.

Family Devotional

This fun devotional presents the story of the feeding of the 5,000 to help teach kids about the power of faith and generosity. We created age-appropriate versions for kids 2-6 and 7-11 so the whole family can enjoy!