Our Most Urgent Needs

The communities Bright Hope serves are in a vicious cycle of poverty and crisis. We believe we need to avoid creating dependency and empower people to lift themselves out of physical, economic and spiritual poverty. We are asking you, our Allies in this fight against extreme poverty, to support our most urgent program needs to empower the poor for today, tomorrow and eternally. 


Here are three very important programs in great need of help.

*Please read our Bright Hope Promise for more on how your donations are used.


With each step into the Mathare Valley slum, the overwhelming smell of sewage gets stronger and stronger. Then, the sound of music floats down the alley from the local pub where most of the men are drinking and arguing away their pain. To your right, children play tag in the streets, unaware that without the right opportunities, they’re destined for a future of extreme poverty.

We’re working hard to help these kids break out of poverty, and we need your help! Your gift could give a scholarship to an elementary-aged child living in the Mathare slum.


Peter Chipisha knew God had called him to full-time, pastoral ministry. He loved serving his congregation on Mbabala Island, Zambia, teaching God’s Word, and helping others grow in their faith.

Unfortunately, the church had no money to pay Pastor Peter for his efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great to help faithful pastors like Peter find a sustainable way to support their families and serve their church families?


COVID is spreading in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere!

While the pandemic slows in the US and other wealthier countries, its spreading like wildfire in impoverished nations like Haiti!

The Haitian health care system is in a constant state of strain. Even without a crisis like the quickly spreading coronavirus, Haiti’s health care system struggles to provide affordable care for its citizens. They don’t even have ventilators for their sickest patients!

Most Urgent Needs

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