Natoot Farm Expansion

Turkana, Kenya

In Turkana, Kenya, thousands of people have been trapped in dire poverty and famine. Unpredictable cycles of droughts and erratic rainfall, coupled with prolonged isolation, a lack of investment and marginalization, have resulted in one of the world’s lowest levels of human development.

Yet, in this arid land, the Natoot farm enabled 135 impoverished families to grow food for their children, generate an income, and become self-sufficient as they cultivated their own plots—truly an oasis in the desert. We now have the opportunity to double the size of the Natoot Farm and the number of farmers it employs... Your involvement is essential!

The Natoot Farm has become a beacon of hope in this desolate region. Now is the time to shine that light even brighter so that 150 new families can each receive a plot of land and change the trajectories of their lives! 


You can make a significant impact in transforming one person’s life through the farm with your gift of $70, while your gift of $350 will provide an entire family with a plot of land to plant crops. Each plot will have access to irrigation and solar-powered pumps and high-capacity water tanks to supply water during periods of drought. Your contribution of any amount will aid in freeing families from extreme poverty. Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can get involved.

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