Look What God

Did Through You!

A pictorial review of Restoration Church’s journey to independence. 

20% of the Children

in Luwero District were Orphaned

Pastor Sam and his wife Teddy came to the Nakaseke District of Uganda to preach the gospel and plant Restoration Church. Pastor Sam and his wife were struck by the vulnerability of the people and the many needs in their community. There were no protected water sources, many children were not in school, the elderly were abandoned and the people were generally poor. 

At that time over 20% of the children in Luwero District were orphaned (because of the civil war and AIDS) and the economic situation was alarming.  

In 2015, Bright Hope started working with Pastor Sam and the church. Baseline studies were held and initial training on family empowerment and orphan and vulnerable children care were conducted for church leadership. Through these workshops, Restoration Church became very excited about how they could be the hands and feet of Jesus in their community.

In 2016, Northview joined the partnership between Bright Hope and Restoration Church and sent a team to meet and build relationships with Pastor Sam and several other Bright Hope partner churches.

From 2016 to 2019, Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity projects were started to increase the economic development in the community. Seeds and farm training were given to families that the church knew were in need. When families received the seeds, they agreed to give a portion of the first harvest back to the church. The church then passed those seeds on to new families to start the process again and again.

Water tank provided to the community

Hygiene and sanitation training at the church

Demonstrating how to use a “Tippy Tap” handwashing station

Recognition for implementing good hygiene practices

While some received seeds and farm training, other families received animals. They could be given two pigs, two goats, or ten chickens, with proper training and feed to get started. When they received their animals, they agreed to give two animals from their first litter back to the church. The church then passed these on to other families in need to make the program a self-sustaining (perpetual) program.

The church has also worked with schools in the community to educate parents and students on the importance of education. The number of students enrolling into schools increased through the years and the parental commitment to educate children has also increased.

Mama Kits were offered through the fathers’ club at the church. This is a kit that includes all the birthing supplies and basic clothes for the newborn that a mother will need for her baby’s arrival.

Martin and his pigs

School at Restoration Church

Annette and Andrew with Mama Kit

A medical team came and set up a clinic day. It was at this clinic that we met and served baby Sarah and her family. A teacher team came to equip and encourage teachers through workshops.  A men’s team came to encourage men from the church and community to be faithful husbands, loving fathers, and godly leaders. Another Northview team came and preached the Word of God at the church and encouraged Pastor Sam to keep serving his community in the name of Jesus. Teams were always ready to serve, listen, laugh—and even dress up in traditional Ugandan-wear!

Northview sent many teams to work with Pastor Sam’s community.

At the end of 2019, during Bright Hope’s annual pastor leadership conference, all our church partners recognized Pastor Sam and Teddy as the first pastor and church in Uganda to graduate from Bright Hope support! Restoration Church is now equipped to lead their own community ministries.  

At Bright Hope we are grateful for the powerful partnership between Restoration Church and Northview Church. Northview impacted the local church in Uganda, and now Restoration will be a powerful light and help to all in their community.

While some partnerships are finishing, others are just beginning! Please continue to pray for and support Northview’s missions' programs in Uganda and beyond.