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Bright Hope helps the world’s poorest people break the grip of extreme poverty.  


Over 1 billion people on earth live in horrible conditions in city slums or poor remote villages. These are hard to reach places and spaces you and I would consider impossible to live. But in most of these communities there is already a church that loves Jesus and wants to help their neighbors.  These churches are Bright Hope’s partners and by praying along with our prayer guide, people living in extreme poverty can begin to lift themselves out of poverty for generations to come.   

Bright Hope President C.H. Dyer 

Prayer is the first step out of poverty, but for the next step to be taken, I need your help.


Your prayers and donation will: 


  • Go to a Bright Hope Partner Church in a slum or village where extreme poverty is rampant.


  • Deliver “Hope for Today” to those needing life-saving interventions, keeping people alive for today and into tomorrow.


  • Train someone with “Hope for Tomorrow.” Moving the extreme poor from earning less than $2.00 a day to $4.00 or $5.00 isn’t an easy task. But with job skills training, or a trade school scholarship, a young man or woman can succeed in become self-sustaining, and never need a hand-out again.


  • Give Hope for Eternity, where the church is taught how to best share the message of Jesus’ love and salvation message to those who are receiving aid. The churches learn to disciple new believers in their faith and the poor learn to walk with Christ throughout their lifetime. 


Your support will also start YOU on a journey of knowing you are helping, and that you are blessing the extreme poor in the best ways possible. You are providing help and Hope not just for a moment, but for all of eternity. 

Bright Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and a trusted member of the ECFA.