Thank you!

Your donation is a wonderful blessing to the poor. Your gift is being processed and will soon be sent overseas to one of our 800 partner churches in five poor countries.  


With your gift, and help from Bible believing churches in slums and remote villages, you are supplying Hope to those who need it most, in three amazing ways: 

  • Hope for Today: Meeting lifesaving needs with food, clothing, water, and medicines.
  • Hope for Tomorrow: Helping the poor raise themselves out of poverty by teaching them job skills and better farming techniques.
  • Hope for Eternity: Helping the local churches in these villages and slums to share the love of Jesus.

To stay informed on how your gift is helping we have two great resources for you.


  • Our Prayer Team – If you decide to join, we will text you twice per month, once with a prayer request from our field programs and once with an answered prayer from our programs. Find out in real time how your gift became a blessing to supply the needs of the poorJoin here.


  • Ally Connection Newsletter – You will receive Bright Hope’s quarterly newsletter about the lives you are transforming with Hope. Read stories of inspiration and grow in faith and love as you see God working through you, your prayers and gifts. Sign up here.


If I can be any help or you just want to say hello, I am easily reachable by email at Let me know your thoughts on our work and your hopes for becoming an Ally to the extreme poor through Bright Hope.

C.H. Dyer, CEO Bright Hope


P.S. Make sure your email service doesn’t put Bright Hope’s email in your spam folder. Tax deductible receipts and yearly giving summaries won’t make it to you if you don’t move us to your primary email folder.   

Bright Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and a trusted member of the ECFA.