Private Donation Page



Thank you for responding to my call for help. It means so much to me that you would contribute, yet imagine HOW MUCH MORE it means to the poor Christians, church and community you are helping. One word of encouragement before you complete your donation, and I know this might seem bold, but I believe it is a message God has given me for you, at this moment:


Don’t leave anything behind.


Give 100% of what God is asking you to give. (Notice I am not saying what I have asked of you—but God.) Whether that amount is $1.00 or $1 million, if it is what God has placed on your heart, then I am so happy for you and the poor who will be blessed by your giving.


The Lord is pleased when we respond in obedience to Him. After you give, you may feel the Spirit of God rejoicing at your obedience and sacrifice to Him and His people. What a blessing to feel the Spirit of God rejoicing! Don’t miss the opportunity to pause and enjoy that blessing.


C.H. Dyer