Protect teens in Uganda from abuse!

Many of us would do anything to protect the precious young people in our lives!

Many of us would do anything to protect the precious young people in our lives! That’s what love is–self-sacrifice!

Unfortunately, kids and teens in Uganda are facing urgent perils and they need your help!

For vulnerable students in the Oyam district of Uganda, COVID restrictions have forced schools to close. With schools closed, thousands of kids have lost the care, structure, and protection their teachers provided.

Just listen to some of the troubling stories we have heard from the field!
  • Some teenagers have been left alone at home, some with abusive parents and guardians.
  • Other teens (especially girls) have been forced into sexual relationships by their economically-strained guardians in order to make money.
  • Many teens have become pregnant while others suffered in silence, fearing rejection.

Thankfully, the Nimaro Education Center in Oyam, in partnership with Bright Hope, has created a homeschooling program that will protect young teenagers, who often face the greatest risk of abuse. [The word Nimaro means “love.”]

Teachers from the education center gather teens into groups of 5 to instruct them in math, science, social studies, Christian studies, and English. These dedicated teachers use educational materials provided by Bright Hope.

Now that this wonderful program is up and running, we need YOUR help! Your gift of $25 will provide a complete educational curriculum for five kids and will enable us to reach our goal to serve 5,000 kids across Uganda!

Your generous gift will provide protection and education to at risk teens in Uganda, and will meet other urgent needs among the extreme poor.

For only $25, you can give a complete educational curriculum to 5 teens!

Join us as we attempt to reach 5,000 kids across Uganda with education, care, protection, and Hope!