Shining Brightly in the World's Darkest Places

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Radiant is creating a Christian community of those who want to see desperate people in urban slums and remote villages thrive and transform in every area of life.

But for this to truly be the Radiant Experience, you have a role to play too. We’ll send you stories, videos and prayer requests, but to really form ties and relationships, you’ll need to be pro-active—praying over the posted prayer requests, leaving comments...and even sharing your own prayer requests. All that happens in our Radiant Facebook group, so join today!

Introduction to Poverty & Transformation

These three videos are a quick crash course in global poverty—the good, the bad, the sad and the hopeful. You’ll get a great foundation of common problems—and a sense of their magnitude—but you’ll also be inspired by all the positive change that is happening.


Understanding Poverty


The Needs of the Extreme Poor


Radiant Transformation

Indicator Training

Indicator videos are an ongoing way you grow in your understanding of poverty, non-profits, development, and more. We answer questions like “Why are ‘poor countries’ poor?” In these first three videos we’ll delve into our easy-to-understand model of helping that we call Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity,


Introduction to HTTE


Hope for Today


Hope for Tomorrow


Hope for Eternity

Download Our Free Resources

Check out our library of free downloadable resources to help you on your journey to Radiance. From prayer guides to fact sheets to kids devotionals, these are great resources to read and share.

Community Connection - Bolivia

These short videos will introduce you to beautiful, mountainous Bolivia, the warm, vibrant culture, and the incredible pastors and churches we work with.


Welcome to Bolivia!


Our Best Ally: The Local Church


Meet the People of El Alto and Oruro

Community Connection - Uganda

Starts December 2019

The Power of Pigs!

Beans, Beans and More Beans

We’re Pleased to Introduce: Uganda