Helping the World’s Poorest People with Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity.


Friends at Willow Creek Community Church, Section 204,

I am excited that you are joining us to provide two very important resources to some of the neediest people in the world.

In Bolivia, we are building greenhouses to provide income for churches that run children’s programs. Lettuce and other vegetables are grown and sold to provide income for our partner churches. Those funds are used for afterschool programs, serving children from slum and depressed areas, and other children’s programs.

In Uganda, Mama Kits are given to expectant mothers by our partner churches. Many hospitals, especially those in rural or poor areas, do not offer basic birthing supplies such as gloves, plastic sheets, or a razor blade for cutting the umbilical cord and expect the mother to bring her own. Yet, most poor families can't afford these things.

Mama Kits contain the items hospitals require women to bring when they deliver a baby. There are two types of Mama Kits, a birthing box and a baby kit. Both cost $25 to assemble and deliver to needy, expectant mothers.

Bright Hope is dedicated to helping the extreme poor in three ways: Hope for Today provides immediate relief for those who might not survive until tomorrow; Hope for Tomorrow provides sustainable solutions for raising incomes and giving people the opportunity to care for their own needs; Hope for Eternity provides spiritual transformation by introducing people to Christ and His way of living.

Bright Hope's programs are all run by Bible-believing Christians from our churches in remote villages and city slums. Currently, Bright Hope has over 600 member churches in five impoverished countries.

Thank you for partnering with us to alleviate the pain and struggle of poverty experienced by so many people.

C.H. Dyer

President & CEO, Bright Hope

P.S. Before you leave, check out our Impact membership program, where you can help poor people every month.


Did you know that all of Bright Hope’s projects promote self-sustainability?

Our goal is for the people and communities we work with to have a better future, one where they are equipped to meet their own needs. Our training and support always originate with the local in-country church, so no one is ever looking at Bright Hope as the "hero."  Instead, we come alongside these churches to assess the community’s needs, and then work with the church leaders on training and equipping their community.

Partner with us to make an impact!


Our Impact Program relies on partners like you to reach as many impoverished people as possible.

By joining Impact, you will be making a difference in the lives of the extreme poor by helping them build a life that sustains families, builds businesses, feeds communities, and educates people.

Bright Hope will continue to work in poor communities throughout the world and we invite you to join us and make an Impact in the life of the poor.

A Partner You Can Trust

One of Bright Hope’s highest values is integrity. We understand the value of every dollar we receive and the difference every dollar can make in the life of someone in extreme poverty. We value the trust you have given us to effectively and efficiently deliver help to those in need. 

What is Bright Hope?

Bright Hope is a Christian organization made up of allies (donors) who want to bless and help the poorest people in the world. We build relationships with Bible believing churches in remote villages and city slums that want to minister to their poor neighbors. Then we help those churches bring “Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity” to their neighborhood. We’ve been doing this for 50 years, in 5 counties and have thousands of allies, but we need your help.

*When you “purchase” or “buy” a Bright Hope Coin, you are actually making a donation and receiving the coin as a free gift. The redeemable value of the coin represents the amount of your donation, not the value of the actual coin.