“Thank you, that you would come all the way from America, to sit in the dirt with us.”

The leader of a network of churches in an East African country once spoke these words to me after we’d traveled by Toyota, horse, and foot—rock-hopping across a river—to reach a remote village.

We were inside a dark, dirt-floor church when he said it- only a little light coming in the from the windows.

This village had an incredible testimony of how Christ had infiltrated a hard, dark place of extreme poverty, and now the community was being transformed spiritually and physically—the very ground had started producing more fruitfully. Yet their need was still very great.

But this leader was thanking me? I felt humbled that my visit meant something to them. I wasn’t anybody special.

I truly felt it was a privilege that I got to be the one to come and meet these dear people, witness with my own two eyes and walk with my own two feet, through the story of transformation happening in this community.

I didn’t have to come. I got to come.

And you get to come too. You may not be the one in the rural village, but by reading a story in our Ally Connection newsletterlearning about poverty, joining the Radiant Experience on social media, and supporting programs, you get an up-close-and-personal glimpse of what God is doing through you. And, not only that, I find that witnessing and being a part of their transformation transforms us.

At Bright Hope, we call it mutual transformation, and it’s built on the idea that as you help transform communities in poverty, Christ will transform your heart and life.

We are all connected through relationship and equality in Christ, learning from and encouraging one another. The kingdom of heaven transcends culture and language, so while you may never step foot in Bolivia, Haiti or Zambia, your life can be transformed as you make the choice to care, support, pray for and be inspired by those we partner with.

Watch the video below and you’ll hear from a few people who have not only been impacted but transformed by their partnership with Bright Hope:

“It has changed the heartbeat of our church. It’s something that has unified us greatly. Our church is all in. That has forever changed the person that I am.”

“We didn’t meet those people, but we could see the effects and see how it’s changing their lives, and that helps our hearts change as well.”

“You’re giving your heart an opportunity to change and grow and make an impact on the world.”

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