Solar-Power Electricity Creates a Buzz in Haiti

If you're reading this, chances are that you’ve rarely (or never) had to live without reliable electricity, indoor plumbing, internet access, and many other modern conveniences we take for granted. Most of us don’t even have to leave our homes to get groceries anymore!

But in rural Haiti, where most of our partner churches are located, only 3.5% of people have access to electricity (World Bank, 2018). This reality negatively impacts their progress toward sustainability. And as more Haitians switch to using cell phones but have no way to recharge dead batteries, this greatly hinders communication.

That’s why we’re excited to be working alongside a partner church in Bois-Pin, Haiti, to create a cellphone and lightbulb charging business. The program loans solar-powered recharging stations to vetted Haitians so they can start small, re-charging businesses, increase their livelihoods, and open the door to a sustainable future.Is it ever or never?

Would you consider investing in this exciting new business opportunity? Your gift could help struggling Haitian families build income-generating, sustainable businesses!

But charging cell phones is just the beginning!

In addition, we envision the potential for lightbulb recharging stations, which would enable small businesses to operate after dark, and students to study after sunset.

How this project will work

The church development committee will oversee the program. Bright Hope staff will provide mentorship and training to the local leaders. The church will work with the community to screen individuals to determine who will participate in this project.

Participants will then receive a loan to cover the cost of the solar-power kit, and then make monthly payments to the church development committee until they pay off the loan. And when these new small business owners pay off the loan, the solar-power kit will be theirs to keep!

This new solar-power electricity project has created a buzz at Bright Hope! We see so much potential for Haitians to create income-generating small businesses, as well as meet the needs of others in the community.

We believe this project will:

  • Increase cell phone use for digital finance.
  • Encourage using digital devices for meetings and business planning.
  • Create income opportunities while addressing citizens’ demand for energy.
  • Help solar-powered charger station owners to support their families.

Each solar power kit runs $1,500. For a struggling Haitian though, it may as well cost a million dollars!

Would you be willing to help? For a gift of $25, $50, or more, you can play a part in providing electricity and sustainable businesses to some of the poorest families in the Western Hemisphere!

Your sacrificial gift will go directly to the most urgent need among all our programs. Right now, ramping up our solar power project in Haiti is our top priority! If this project receives enough funding, additional gifts will go towards other strategic needs.