Bright Hope Test Drive

A powerful four-month donation experience.

Four Months of Helping Most Urgent Needs – $35 monthly donation 

Impacting the Poorest People on the Planet with HOPE – Priceless!

Those new to Bright Hope want to know, “Will my donation to Bright Hope really make an impact on the poor?”The Test Drive is a practical way to test out our ministry. Think of it like this…


When you shop at a big box store on a weekend, you are offered samples to taste and as a result, you may end up buying an item you’d never considered before. When you are buying a new pair of jeans, you try them on, because jeans fit differently on each person.  When you are shopping for a car, you take several options out for a test drive. Why should it be any different when you are looking for the best way to help the extreme poor? 

Bright Hope is unique and different than any other faith-based organization. Understanding those differences, and the opportunities they present to you, takes time. When you take Bright Hope for a Test Drive you will learn about the poor and how our Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity model changes lives.


The Test Drive is a smart and practical way to see if we are a good fit for you. Take us out for a Test Drive today to begin your journey of making a difference in the lives of the extreme poor. 

• What will my donation do? 

Your donation will provide Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow and Hope for Eternity to people living in slums and villages in one of the countries where we currently minister. Hope for Today programs are ones that meet survival needs of food, clothing, medicine, etc.. Hope for Tomorrow is focused on economic development. Hope for Eternity is helping the poor learn and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

• How will I know my donation is making a difference?

Every month during the Test Drive you will receive two emails. One telling you the current project being funded. It will be different a different project each month, in a different location and providing a different kind of Hope (Today, Tomorrow, Eternity). Later in the month you’ll receive an update on one of our Test Drive Programs.

• Who will be delivering my gift?

Bright Hope’s on-the-ground village and slum community partners are churches. Bible-believing, Christ-following churches that want to help people suffering in their communities. These Christians have a huge amount of passion and are ready to spring into action when someone in their village is hurting. They simply need resources and a bit training and guidance by our Bright Hope staff to get started.

• Can I give all four months at once, add to, or stop my monthly donation? 

Yes, when you sign up there are several options including, donating all four months at once, increasing your monthly or one-time gift. At the end of your Test Drive, we will give you an opportunity continue a monthly donation to Most Urgent Needs Programs and continue to receive updates. You can stop your monthly donation at any time by contacting us at 224.520.6100.