Tribe Kids is a fun (free!) program for children who want to make a difference in the world! We love the idea of teaching children to serve the less fortunate and give generously. Through resources and creative activities, Tribe Kids will expand children's worldview and encourage them to pray and act. As Tribe Kids "Agents," your children will...

Get creative ideas about how they can help the extreme poor by praying, giving a chicken or doing activities like a lemonade stand.

Get resources and information that they can share with family and friends as an advocate for the extreme poor.

Watch Zach on our Tribe Kids YouTube channel and even submit videos of their own serving.

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Welcome, Agents!

Agent Zach welcomes you to Tribe Kids and gets you important resources like your mission passport.

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Tribe Kids, next stop, Haiti!

In this month’s mission, learn what’s the big deal about sanitation and hygiene. Find out firsthand why it’s not always easy to find clean drinking water.

Complete another mission!

Mission #6: Bolivia

Let’s go on a (virtual) trip to Bolivia!

Mission #5: Devo

A Few Simple Steps to Helping the Poor

Mission #4: Birds

Look at the birds of the air!

Mission #3: Chickens

Chickens Change Lives

Mission #2: Prayer

7-Day Prayer Challenge

Mission #1: Hunger

Hunger in Turkana, Kenya

Meet Some of the Agents


Agent: Josiah

Raised: $23


Agent: James

Raised: $45


Agent: Eden

Raised: $35

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