They Need Our Help

Nearly 200,000 people are in urgent need of food in Turkana County, a region in northern Kenya where Bright Hope works. The people are suffering from a devastating drought. One local resident made this chilling, tragic statement to us:

“Who would love to die?”

Asked Esther Lopua, a single mother of a large family who is struggling to keep her children alive with the half bag of corn she received from the Kenyan government handouts.

“Though Esther isn’t employed, her faith in God to provide for her children left me astonished,” commented Victor Juma, Turkana Community Project Coordinator.

Last month we reported on the drought in Turkana, Kenya. Although seasonal rains were expected to arrive by now, the light to moderate rainfall that was experienced has been insignificant, the hot and dry weather continues and their need for food continues to escalate.

Since April, according to the National Drought Management Authority, because of the prolonged dry spell, distances traveled to fresh watering holes continue to increase. Livestock is showing increased signs of weakening due to trekking far distances in search of pasture and water.

Not surprisingly, a high proportion of children are at an increased risk of starvation. Five Kenyan counties have raised their drought alarm stage from “Alert” to “Alarm,” with Turkana being one of them.

We were able to deliver our first round of food aid, but it wasn’t nearly enough to help. We would like to send another round and a third round of food ASAP, as the Lord provides.

Now is the time to take heed to the command in Isaiah 58:10, to “Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.”


Distributing urgently needed food staples.

We are distributing staple foods of flour, beans, oil and

salt through our partner churches.

Your donation today will help fund life-saving efforts such as food relief in the wake of natural disasters like this drought. 

Want to share about this crisis with others who may have never heard of Turkana or the people suffering from the terrible drought? We’ve created a free factsheet you can print or forward to your friends, family members or church leaders who may want to help.

A traditional people on the brink of disaster.

About 90% of the Turkana people are pastoralists—some of whom are nomadic—meaning the animals they raise are their primary source of food and income.  

But the drought is killing the animals, and recently we’ve seen rows of withered animal corpses lined up on the dry, dusty ground. It’s catastrophic because if the Turkanas can’t feed their animals and the animals die, then the people lose both their livelihood and food source. 

The government has distributed some food, but it’s not enough. We need to help. One man told us how people are so weak that even when they were receiving food they could barely stand or walk. “We are not sure if they will live to see the next three, four days,” he said, “others will die.”

We don't want to see even one more person suffering from starvation or malnourishment, whether in Turkana, the Nairobi slums, Uganda or Bolivia. We need your help.

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