Bright Hope

WOW Research Team

We need your help assembling a team to help us pull resources together for the purposes of increased learning specific to issues of poverty.


  • Do you enjoy scouring the internet for solid, credible sources of information?
  • What about gathering statistics?
  • Consolidating information?
  • Or how about simply sharing your own knowledge with others?

We need your help to aid the public in a greater understanding of the issues of poverty around the world. Interested? Please use the form below and indicate 'Research Team' to let us know of your interest. This is NOT a commitment at this time. Interested in our other WOW teams? Learn more.


Time Needed: 1-2 Hours per Month 

Location: From your computer

C.H. Dyer on the WOW Research Team


Complete this form and let us know of your interest. You are not making a commitment but just that you want more information.