Five WOW Opportunity Teams

Bright Hope has developed five teams to use your talents and passion to help the poor in the name of Jesus. Look through the descriptions and decide which one(s) interest you most. You can choose one or more. The form at the bottom of the page will alert us to your interests and we will send you information about the first online Zoom meeting. 


Time Needed: 1-2 Hours per Month 

Location: From your computer

1. Research Team


Goal: Research poverty/poor countries/and poverty topics. Share articles with the Christian Public at large.  

You might be a Researcher if you say...

  • I enjoy conducting internet research 
  • Gathering statistics and information about the poor, intrigues me 
  • I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others 

Impact: Helping others find information about poverty issues through a special informative webpage. 

2. Pray Warrior Team 

Goal: To encourage prayer for specific Bright Hope needs from the field and base. 

You might be a Prayer Warrior if you say... 

  • I consider myself a prayer warrior 
  • I find joy when I pray in groups 
  • I love sharing prayer requests with others who pray 

Impact: Prayer changes things. We need an army to pray for the poor and the work Bright Hope does.

3. Advocate Team 


Goal: Group members will help develop and share an introduction toolkit to help explain Bright Hope with others. 

You might be an Advocate if you say… 

  • I like to get people excited about a cause 
  • I love telling people about the Lord and his good works 
  • I like to get people involved 

Impact: Invite others into the Bright Hope family to make more of an impact on the poor.

4. Philanthropists

(Individuals, not a team) 

Goal: To fill in the gap when urgent financial needs arise .


You might be a Giver if you say… 

  • Giving to the Lord’s work brings me satisfaction 
  • I find great joy by financially standing in the gap 
  • I have the gift of giving 

Impact: To help the poor. 

5. Manager’s Team 

Goal: Organize and facilitate fellow cohort members in various gatherings 

You might be a Manager if you say… 

  • I like leading people 
  • I like to organize and facilitate meetings 
  • I have the gift of administration 

Impact: Being the hands and feet of Jesus to the poor on a team. 

Tell Us Where Your Interests Are

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