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Hertzley's Story

"The Bible Club Has Changed My Life"

Ask eleven-year-old Hertzley about his favorite Bible story and he’ll tell you about Jonah and the whale. He used to struggle with obedience to his parents and disliked doing as he was told, but this particular story touched him when he learned what happened to Jonah after he disobeyed God. Hertzley says the story has taught him that it’s better to listen to his elders right away when they are asking something of him.  

“The Bible Club has changed my life, my behavior…” he says. “I act better because of all of the things I learn at church.” 

Living in a rural town in Haiti, there are no libraries or playgrounds and few locations even have electricity. Churches and schools are some of the few places where children can safely gather, but many families cannot afford to send all their children to school. This means churches like Hertzley’s have a unique opportunity to support the community in times of crisis and celebration as well as provide a space where all children can learn. 

Hertzley says the Bible Club at his church has taught him how much God loves him and that has inspired him to live the way God wants him to. The leaders have also been a big support if he needs help or has questions. 

“It is like having more uncles and aunties,” he said. 

Hertzley’s parents, Erold and Paulette, value the Bible Club and how it teaches their children about God in ways they understand.   

"[Children] need to know that they are important to God’s people and the life of the church with programs and projects that are just for them,” his mother said. 

As teachers, his parents’ dream for him and his six brothers is for them to attend university. 

Hertzley’s biggest passion, however, is his faith. 

When asked what he wants to do when he grows up, he says he wants to help people and teach them about God like Pastor Fritz. And while many young adults are leaving Ferrier because they can’t envision many opportunities, Bible Club participants such as Hertzley are dreaming bigger dreams for their future. 

Hertzley said, “I want to be a pastor to convert people to Jesus.” 

There are so many more children in Hertzley’s community who are living in extreme poverty but still need to hear the Hope of the Gospel. Will you make a life-changing gift that can help shape their futures and echo into eternity? 

Your donation will give additional youth in Haiti the chance to go to Bible Club where they can learn more about Jesus, plus receive education in sanitation, music, gardening, vocational training and more.  

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