KENYA: Mathare Community Outreach

Mathare Community Outreach (MCO) and Outreach Community Church (OCC) collaborate on multiple programs including education, support to orphans and vulnerable children, women empowerment, skills training and economic development.

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hope in mathare valley

Mathare Community Outreach (MCO) and Outreach Community Church (OCC) operate in Mathare Valley, one of the oldest, biggest, and worst slums in Nairobi and Kariobangi, one of the other big slums. These areas are characterized by abject poverty, rampant crime, lack of functional utilities, and a large number of single women headed households. Social amenities such as public schools and health services are very limited. The living conditions are horrific as human beings live in tiny shelters of galvanized iron sheets nailed together to form 6’ x 6’ cubicles. A dirty river of garbage and human waste runs through the middle of the slum and acts as its only sewage system.


Bright Hope partners with MCO/OCC in bringing Hope to this community. OCC has planted 8 churches throughout the Mathare Valley area while MCO runs three schools for 1400+ children and an orphanage in Kariobangi. MCO’s primary focus is children, whereas OCC focuses on the community at large. Bright Hope supports MCO/OCC through various programs including: student school feeding program, vocational scholarships, teacher & administrator training, pastoral leadership development programs, widows sewing project and small business development.

  • Food for Education: For $51.57 you can feed a child at school for a whole year (approximately 21 cents per day)
  • Orphan Support: For $97.50 you can provide an orphan in primary school room and board for one year. For $400 you provide an orphan in secondary school room and board plus school fees and books.
  • Scholarship & Vocational Training: With only a $500 donation you can significantly help pay for a secondary school graduate to enter a vocational training program.
  • Educational Leadership Training: Send teachers and school administrators to get high quality training & ongoing coaching during the school year through collaboration with Dignitas Leadership Institute that exclusively works in the Mathare area.
  • OCC Leadership Support: Provide critical funding for key leaders at OCC for various ministry programs.

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